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Scale Bio’s Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit powers your high-throughput single cell ambitions with the most flexible, cost-effective, and efficient workflow, without compromise. Go boldly where your experiments take you, without being confined by legacy technology.

NEW! Effortless sample multiplexing with ScalePlex

We know simplicity is key and now with ScalePlex technology, we offer the most effortless way to multiplex samples for single cell research on the market.

ScalePlex technology leverages a novel oligo modification to dramatically simplify sample multiplexing. The streamlined workflow eliminates cell washing and counting steps prior to pooling, maximizing your cell recovery while also saving time. With ScalePlex, confidently analyze low input or precious samples or easily multiplex 10s to 100s of samples or conditions in a single run.


Maximum Scalability

Capture up to 500,000 cells or nuclei from any species while utilizing the most effortless multiplexing workflow on the market


Streamlined Sample Multiplexing

Novel oligo-based ScalePlex technology allows you to run 10s-100s of samples or conditions in a single run without the need for upfront optimization or individual fixation and washing steps


Superior Data Quality

No need to compromise on performance with high sensitivity and demonstrated low multiplet rate of <5%


Efficient Workflow and Automation Ready

Minimal hands-on time and seamless integration with automation platforms


Allen Yen

Washington University in St. Louis

"The Scale Biosciences products were instrumental in enabling our snRNA-seq experiments [...] because it allowed us to collect frozen and fixed samples over time and then process them all together for library preps. We anticipated that observed differences were going to be very subtle, so we had to have multiple biological replicates per condition and many nuclei per sample for good statistical power. Scale’s products were crucial for allowing us to do more, minimizing batch-to-batch variation and reducing costs compared to other single-cell technologies for the number of samples we had."

Katie Eyring


“We're recovering 50% more genes (with shallower sequencing depth) than when profiling comparable tissue on 10X—love the sensitivity!”


Lindsay LaFave

Ph.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“The single cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq combinatorial indexing platforms from Scale Biosciences have been transformative for our research to study normal and malignant lung biology. Scale products enable us to profile samples at high throughput, allowing us to capture more single cells for an affordable price. The approaches are also more flexible than other single cell products on the market and are highly reproducible.”


Alexander Bick

M.D., Ph.D. Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“The scalability and efficiency of this [ScalePlex] technology makes it possible to study a much larger number of samples and cells than is realistic with other technologies. This new technology is unlocking the possibilities of new scientific frontiers by helping researchers like me advance our understanding of the genetic basis of disease.”

Key advantages

Achieve more, compromise less

Scale Bio's Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit overcomes limitations of traditional single cell technologies. Empower your single cell studies with unparalleled flexibility, cost efficiency, and data quality. Our Single Cell RNA Sequencing workflow effortlessly scales with your experimental aspirations, enabling you to do more breakthrough science.

Scale up your cells for deeper insights

Massively parallel barcoding technology enables you to easily scale up to 500,000 cells in a single experiment. Think big – more timepoints, more samples, more screening conditions, larger cohorts – to unlock deeper biological insights. The same core kit enables experimental flexibility: run anywhere from thousands to half a million cells.

Trust your results with highly sensitive detection chemistry

Generate the highest quality data from your samples. Scale Bio’s chemistry enables highly sensitive detection: capture more transcripts and rare cell populations from your samples than ever before.


Mouse tissue profiling of >400,000 cells in a single experiment.

Supercharge your lab efficiency

With less hands-on time than other single cell technologies, your largest single cell projects are now within reach. Go from hundreds of samples to sequencing-ready libraries in less than 2 days, with minimal hands-on time.


To further improve efficiency, seamlessly integrate Scale Bio’s workflow with existing automation platforms, such as the SPT LabTech Firefly.

Streamlined workflow


Massively parallelized single cell barcoding, the powerful technology behind Scale Bio’s Single Cell RNA Sequencig Kit, leverages the cell as the reaction compartment. The workflow steps include:

  1. Cell or Nucleus Fixation: First, fix samples to preserve biology and enable processing flexibility. Simplify sample multiplexing by using ScalePlex oligos during fixation. Store for up to 12 months, or process right away.

  2. Library Construction: Uniquely label transcripts using sequential barcoding steps. Our specialized plate design reduces pipetting steps to save time.

  3. Sequencing: Sequence Scale Bio libraries on several common sequencing platforms.

  4. Data Analysis: Process raw sequencing data using our SeqSuite analysis pipeline, and easily perform cell calling and generate gene expression matrices.

MYT1L deficiency impairs excitatory neuron trajectory during cortical development

Yen et al, bioRxiv (2024)

High-content single-cell combinatorial indexing

Mulqueen et al, Nat Biotech (2021)

Ultra-high throughput single-cell analysis of proteins and RNAs by split-pool synthesis

O’Huallachain et al, Comm Biol (2020)

Massively multiplex chemical transcriptomics at single-cell resolution

Srivastsan et al, Science (2020)

Using single-cell genomics to investigate epigenetic gene regulation and cell fate determination

Allen Yen, Washington University in St Louis

Single-cell RNA profiling of 500,000 tissue-derived nuclei

Application Note

Automating ScaleBio Single Cell RNAseq on the SPT Labtech Firefly

Application Note

ScaleBio Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit

Product Sheet

Frequently asked questions

Together with our customers, we have demonstrated performance of our Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit across a broad range of cell types, including but not limited to: tissue-dissociated cells, nuclei isolated from frozen and fresh tissues, PBMCs, and cell lines.
After fixation, samples can be stored immediately at -80C or transported on dry ice and then stored at -80C. Current storage times are up to 12 months.

Samples can be fixed individually or fixed and pooled with ScalePlex oligos for streamlined multiplexing, and then stored for future use or processed immediately. Samples or sample pools are first distributed into the reverse transcription (RT) plate, each well with a well-specific barcode. Each sample or sample pool can be distributed across multiple wells for deeper profiling, or each well can contain a unique sample or sample pool for maximum sample throughput.

Scale Bio provides a downstream data analysis pipeline, the Scale Bio Seq Suite, which is compatible with sequencing instrument output files. The pipeline will de-multiplex samples, generate a cell-gene matrix, as well as provide a data quality metrics summary to assess run performance.
Yes, you can access our public data sets at the following link: Scale Bio Public Data Sets

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