Discover biology at single cell resolution at scale

Our easy-to-use combinatorial indexing kits deliver robust, reliable, and flexible single-cell omics on millions of cells and hundreds of samples

Our Technology

Our patented combinatorial indexing library preparation technology enables single-cell multi-omics profiling at unprecedented scale.

Scalable sample indexing

Scalable sample indexing

Enables increased levels of sample indexing for larger studies

Scalable cell throughput

Higher Cell Throughput

Enables the profiling of hundreds of thousands to millions of cells

Highly efficient chemistries

Extensible applications

Enables genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomics, and multi-omic applications

Low library preparation costs

Low library prep cost

Lower costs per sample and cell

Our Products

Single Cell RNA Kit

Enables single-cell gene expression profiling for up to 96 samples and 125,000 cells per experiment.

ATAC Pre-indexing Kit

Enables the analysis of chromatin accessibility at the single-cell level for profiling cell states and for understanding of gene regulatory mechanisms.


Scale Biosciences, Inc. (ScaleBioTM) is developing a broad menu of genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and multi-omics library preparation applications, compatible with and independent from single cell systems.

Applications of Scale Bioscience's single cell library preparation kits
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About ScaleBio

ScaleBio is a life sciences company focused on innovative single-cell library preparation approaches. Our patented methods enable cost-effective single-cell profiling at unprecedented scale across a range of applications.

Our mission is to unlock the potential for single-cell sequencing at scale to enable biological discovery. ScaleBio was founded by a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, sequencing and bioinformatics with a shared vision to enable researcher to accelerate their discovery of biology.

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    Unlocking the potential for single-cell sequencing at scale with combinatorial indexing
    Poster: Steemers, F. et al., Presented at ISSCR (2023)
    Deciphering Epigenetic Landscapes: A Comparative Analysis of DNA Methylation in 2D versus 3D Cultured Colon Cancer Cells using the ScaleBio Single Cell Methylation Kit
    Poster: Khare, S. et al., presented at ASHG (2023)
    High-throughput robust single-cell DNA methylation profiling with sciMETv2
    Nature Communications (2022)

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