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We're dedicated to propelling your research forward through innovative single cell solutions. Our flexible, scalable technologies empower you to analyze more cells, integrate more samples, and explore more omics - all without increased cost or complexity.

Expect more from your single cell studies


Unparalleled scale & flexibility

Run from 10s to 100s of conditions, samples, or timepoints, from hundreds to millions of cells


Extensible applications

Various applications available, from single cell RNA seq and methylation to CRISPR and beyond


Streamlined workflow

Simplify sample collection and processing with fixation and pooling, preserving precious samples and saving time


Cost-effective insights

Maximize experimental value with minimal hands-on time, efficient sample multiplexing, and automation compatibility

Redefine what's possible

Discover Scale Bio's single cell solutions, designed to empower your research with unprecedented scale and flexibility. Explore our products below to learn how each kit can transform your experiments - from RNA sequencing to CRISPR screening and methylation profiling.


How we're helping you to accelerate discovery


Alexander Bick

M.D., Ph.D. Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“The scalability and efficiency of this [ScalePlex] technology makes it possible to study a much larger number of samples and cells than is realistic with other technologies. This new technology is unlocking the possibilities of new scientific frontiers by helping researchers like me advance our understanding of the genetic basis of disease.”


Allen Yen

Washington University in St. Louis

"We anticipated that observed differences were going to be very subtle, so we had to have multiple biological replicates per condition and many nuclei per sample for good statistical power. Scale’s products were crucial for allowing us to do more, minimizing batch-to-batch variation and reducing costs compared to other single cell technologies for the number of samples we had."

Katie Eyring


“We're recovering 50% more genes (with shallower sequencing depth) than when profiling comparable tissue on 10X—love the sensitivity!”


Lindsay LaFave

Ph.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“The single cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq combinatorial indexing platforms from Scale Biosciences have been transformative for our research to study normal and malignant lung biology. Scale products enable us to profile samples at high throughput, allowing us to capture more single cells for an affordable price. The approaches are also more flexible than other single cell products on the market and are highly reproducible.”


About Scale Bio

Scale Bio is transforming single cell research by providing innovative solutions that redefine accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. Our advanced workflows maximize insights delivered with every experiment, allowing scientists to probe new frontiers of biology with unprecedented ease. By offering a low barrier to entry and the ability to scale experiments in all dimensions, we empower researchers with a cost-effective way to generate more data, analyze more samples, and explore more omics.

At Scale Bio, we are committed to collaborating across the industry to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and empower researchers to unlock the full potential of their single cell omics experiments.

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