Single Cell DNA Methylation Abstract Contest Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of the Single Cell DNA Methylation Challenge

Announcing the Winners of the Single Cell DNA Methylation Challenge


We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Single Cell DNA Methylation Challenge! We received many outstanding proposals spanning a wide range of research areas - oncology, neuroscience, aging, and more - all posing novel and interesting research questions that could be tackled with our Single Cell DNA Methylation Kit.

After careful consideration and evaluation by our judging panel, two projects were selected as winners. These projects highlight the potential for single cell DNA methylation to advance our understanding of important questions in biology.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our winners!

Challenge Winners

Bingqing Zhao, Ph.D., Stanford University

Bingqing Zhao

Project: Uncovering epigenetic signatures at single-cell resolution in colorectal cancer early development

Tumors often have aberrant DNA methylation patterns, which can occur early in carcinogenesis and continue during cancer progression. Most cancer studies of DNA methylation have occurred on bulk tissue, meaning that early potential markers of cancer might be missed due to cellular heterogeneity and the low prevalence of malignant cells. In this project, Dr. Zhao will use single cell DNA methylation to profile normal, early polyp, late polyp and colorectal cancer samples to observe methylation changes. Cell type specific methylation changes in pre-cancer stages could potentially be used for early colorectal cancer detection.

Kristin Ardlie, Ph.D., Broad Institute

Kristin Ardlie

Project: The Developmental Genotype Tissue Expression Project

DNA methylation is a critical regulator of gene expression and helps establish gene expression patterns driving cellular identity. Little is known about DNA methylation patterns during early development and how they are influenced by factors such as genetic variation and the environment.  In this project, Dr. Ardlie will use single cell DNA methylation to examine early stages of kidney development from samples in the developmental Genotype – Tissue Expression (dGTEx) project. In combination with cell-type specific gene expression and chromatin accessibility data, this resource will help illuminate DNA methylation patterns and transcriptional effects in early childhood.

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